Identify and rescue vulnerable and high risk students.

Student Aware identifies and notifies administration when students present signs of suicide, violence, abuse and other dangerous online activity.

Calgary Catholic Case Study
Student Aware

Monitor student traffic on all devices, including Chromebooks.

All website requests, including those from Chromebooks, are logged according to user identity... even while roaming outside your network firewall (optional). High risk traffic is filtered into categories: - Self harm - School violence - Child abuse - Pornography - Adult networks - Hate speech - Vulgarity - Malware - Drugs

Powerful, real-time searching.

Search all web traffic by keyword, date, or risk type. Enable live mode and watch real-time results with all filtering options. Filtering down to an individual student is as simple as clicking their school email address. The ability to see all student requests helps you gather context about what else the student was up to when the risk notification arrives.

Beautiful, interactive analytics that help visualize activity.

The analytics dashboard provides a quick week-at-a-glance perspective. Selecting a topic will send you straight into monitoring view filtered by that topic. We also provide reporting for: - Highest risk users - Highest traffic users - Domain risk study - Malware risks - Browser plugin usage - Internal vs external traffic - Risk traffic vs total traffic

Investigations and notifications.

When high risk incidents cross thresholds defined by your school board an investigation is automatically launched and the appropriate parties are notified by email. To help protect student privacy the initial email will only contain samples of the high risk content that was discovered and provide the investigator with a secure link that will allow them to quickly follow up. Investigative accounts provide a narrow view of the high risk content initially, and, if warranted, allows the investigator to expand the context of their search into all online behaviour. Student Aware maintains a short retention period of non-risk data to also help minimize any impact to student privacy. Risk data is stored as part of the investigation until you clear out the data manually or 30 days after an investigation hs been closed. You can download a copy of the data for legal or information request reasons.

A fast, easy, and secure deployment that takes about five minutes.

Our technology is browser based which means you can have it up and running in just a few minutes using the Google Admin or Microsoft's policies. Browser-based technology ensures we can capture any events prior to the data being encrypted and unuseable such as SDNS. All log data is securely transmitted and stored in a country of your choosing including Canada, the United States, Britain, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Australia, or China. In accordance to our privacy policy written specifically with education in mind: it's your data, our technology just helps analyse it for risk scenarios.

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