Visitor management designed specifically for schools.

A simple, privacy-minded visitor management system that helps schools manage building safety and security.

First impressions matter.

It’s time for pen and paper visitor logs to hit the recycling bin! Powered by beautifully branded, site-specific entry forms, Guestbook allows visitors to use their mobile device or a touchscreen kiosk to quickly sign in and out of your buildings.

Custom, site-specific forms.

Using an intuitive drag-and-drop form builder, school administrators can create or edit visitor forms and entry questions specifically tailored to their front desk needs. Complete with features like conditional formatting; you can confidently and efficiently capture important visitor information that considers an individual's reason for being on site or in your schools.

Fast and friendly BYOD support.

Guestbook is browser-based and can pair with tablets or kiosks to provide a smooth, user-friendly touchscreen experience. Administrators can also generate QR codes directly from the Guestbook interface that visitors can scan to access entry forms using their mobile devices.

Information is also locally cached when using a mobile device, meaning visitors can sign in and out by simply pressing a button to validate what they previously entered. This can be a huge time-saver and has quickly become a favourite feature amongst the community!

Reinforce district-wide safety and security.

After submission, all visitor information is immediately accessible to administrative staff using a lightweight and intuitive dashboard. At a glance, you can see everyone in the building, with the ability to expand a visitor profile to review more information like their reasons for visiting. Administrators are also able to sign guests out manually as required.

In an emergency or critical situation, administrators can access the Guestbook dashboard from any mobile device to ensure that all checked-in guests are safe and accounted for. Visitor logs are also archived to expand this functionality and can be filtered for later viewing or export.

Deployed in minutes.

Guestbook is entirely web-based, and our team can deploy a new tenant in minutes! From there, issuing logins, paring devices and generating QR codes is exceptionally straightforward and has been noted by many school district teams as one of the fastest technology deployments on record!

As an added perk, Guestbook's web-based operation will allow your team to repurpose old iPad’s or ChromeOS devices to serve as touch-screen kiosks, removing the need to incur additional hardware expenses.

Ready for a closer look?

To explore how these simple tools can improve your visitor management experience and building security, let our team show you Guestbook in action.