Your document digitization and storage secret weapon.

The Cooperatively Linked Approach to Student Information project offers industry-leading document processing and a seamless handoff to Alberta Education's PASI system.

Is the paper piling up?

Clear out your file rooms and move to the cloud with CLASI. Collaboratively developed with Alberta Education, the CLASI project makes quick work of document digitization, sorting and storage.

Automated document identification and splitting.

CLASI can automatically detect document type using any combination of QR codes found on the document or used as a cover sheet, machine learning trained on common types of education documents, or zonal template scanning which attempts to extract key pieces of data from documents. By leveraging Tesseract (by Google) for precise optical character scanning we’re able to write text searchable copy as well as key meta data right into the document. It’s the perfect way to take a scanned stack of digital student records and have them broken down into individual, meticulously organized documents.

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Extract data from documents.

Zonal template scanning makes it easy to pull critical information out of documents as real text. Simply drag and drop boxes over key pieces of information to create a template: any time this document type is identified, CLASI will automatically pull that data from the document and save it as metadata.

clasi zonal templating

Queued document uploads.

This significantly improves reliability in the event the PASI system is running slowly, is offline, or breaking changes are pushed out by Alberta Education. Documents will safely remain in queue with regular attempts to upload being made 24/7 until successful.

  • Pending Upload
  • Review
  • Processed
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Enterprise-grade infrastructure and support.

Our use of Kubernetes and Docker makes installing CLASI fast and easy and eliminates downtime from upgrades to a cluster roll-out. Version control and on-going support from our team ensures you’re always up-to-date with the latest production PASI release.

CLASI also integrates with PowerSchool to synchronize students and supports bearer token authentication allowing other solutions to ship documents to PASI.

Document quality assurance.

Secure workflows manage the PASI document quality assurance requirements. While uploading files, you can set defaults for meta data such as the document type, the document effect date, the document expiry, and more. This data will be written into the new PDF file and made available to PASI without having to manually key in the data to each and every file.

An interactive, well-documented API.

CLASI uses a standard REST API documented using interactive Swagger. This provides tech teams with a fast, consistent method of interfacing with PASI as required for their own unique customizations.

Great end-user experience.

CLASI has its own simple, web-based user interface for sharing digital student record files. Administrative staff can securely upload scanned documents, manage quality assurance, and access secure digital student records from your document management system. We even provide fast, easy transition to common education tools such as Office 365, G+ Suite, and PowerSchool.

Scan Uploaded Documents
Manage Quality Assurance
Access Secure Digital Records

Absolute transparency.

As a cooperative project we’re maintaining absolute transparency. That means every participating school board will have direct Docker registry and source code access. If any fellow school board employed developers (a.k.a. “fellow code geeks”) out there would like to create their own software code forks, you’re not only welcome to do it, but we’ll provide developer support.

Ready for a closer look?

If you are an Alberta-based school district, let's jump into a call and see what CLASI can do for you and your student records.