A little about us.

At Imagine Everything, our team is your team.

In a refreshing change of pace, we offer boundaryless partnerships with the K12 community to deliver tailor-made solutions. From tackling online student safety to reimagining the student planning process, we’ve embraced a model that puts you in the driver’s seat to cut costs and drive innovation.

With school districts coming together around common goals, we have been excited to facilitate the growth of a dynamic, solutions-focused community. The push and pull of great ideas and the relationships built along the way have led to delivering eight enterprise-grade solutions backed by a level of support and innovation that’s pretty hard to beat!

A Brief History


Student Aware

Alongside several proactive school districts, we applied machine learning to analyze website traffic and identified a child who intended to commit suicide. Our first project, Student Aware, started our journey and has gone on to save tens of thousands of kids from self-harm, violence, bullying, and exploitation.


Parent Forms, Content Manager and CLASI

Founded to make a difference, it didn’t take long for school boards to ask what else we could build together! In 2019, after considerable community growth, we kicked off our online registration, website management and document digitization projects.


Education Forms

After the success of previous projects, we were asked to apply our approach to student planning. Guided by a group of five school districts, Education Forms was delivered to introduce a much-needed paradigm shift in how forms solutions are priced and administered.


Data Aggregation and the Parent Experience

Working closely with school district teams to effectively leverage aspects like SIS, third-party integrations and cloud hosting, we got good at managing data! Seeing a unique opportunity to apply identity-based content to the aggregation of key information, we reimagined the parent portal experience.


Staff Forms

To continue the success of Education Forms, school district teams asked if features like our drag-and-drop form builder or customizable workflows could be extended to staff and HR processes. This was a great idea, and we met the new challenge head-on.

You are the roadmap

Imagine Everything is more than our name — it’s an invitation! We are here to continually expand the capability, impact and affordability of technology solutions and can’t wait to see what the education community has in mind for our next project.

Built Differently

Our unique, collaborative approach requires a high degree of accountability, transparency and school district insight.

In an industry first, Imagine Everything is the only company in EdTech directly governed by K12 leadership. This self-elected board has full GL-level access to our company; they set our pricing, provide overall strategic direction, help us thoroughly understand the needs of education, and even help with things like the hiring of key staff and policy creation.

Ready for a closer look?

Our team can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to alongside some of the best minds in Education.