Education Forms

IPPs, ESL benchmarks, assessments and more have met their match.

Cut costs and escape the restrictions of legacy providers. It’s time for a student planning paradigm shift.

Give teachers a break.

With everything teachers have on their plate, valuable prep and instruction time shouldn’t have to compete with outdated and cumbersome methods of data entry and form management. Built alongside teaching staff, Education Forms is a proven and refreshingly straightforward approach to student planning and classroom support.

Everything you need to plan a student's future.

Education Forms pulls data from any SIS and offers secure single sign-on via Azure or Google. Combined, these integrations ensure that teachers have proper custodial access to the students in their classrooms and the information they need to effectively administer student planning forms and processes like plans, assessments, and benchmarks.

Your forms, perfected.

Become a digital information artist who can create or edit any form template using an ultra-intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

From IPPs to HLATs, behavioural plans, Fountas and Pinell benchmarking, and everything in between, our community hasn’t met a form template that Education Forms can’t create! No code, support tickets or extra cost required. In minutes, instructional teams can improve forms and support learning outcomes by deploying or adjusting components like text fields, conditional formatting, dropdowns, tags, and document upload zones.

Fine-tuned processes and workflows.

From the ability to create form-specific internal workflows to sending and managing digital signatures and parent approvals, Education Forms can take any form process from A to Z. Tied to security groups and SIS data, features like workflows and digital signatures provide a seamless transition between staff and parents to capture approvals, gather feedback and ensure form completion.

Built with the same adaptable approach as our form designer, customization runs deep and equips your team to meet any reporting need.

Track changes with full revision history.

Education Forms stores a complete copy of a form every time you hit save. With a single click, you can review a chronologically sorted list of who contributed information and their changes. Features like these complement workflow and allow your education teams to work together effectively. Each form section also maintains an independent data storage retention policy, meaning clean-up and data management can be fully automated and in compliance with provincial or state-level education and health authority requirements.

Bring your student data to life.

School districts often collect hoards of data but lack the tools to turn information into actionable insights. Using a built-in analytics and data visualization engine, Education Forms combines form and SIS data to help your team track progress, spot pedagogical trends, and better understand student success.

In addition, generating fully customized reports allows you to choose any combination of form segments to gather precise information. From cross-referencing the total number of IPPs with students who achieved specific scores on a specialized assessment to correlations between behavioural plans and attendance data or meeting provincial assurance metrics, consider your reporting needs met!

A community-driven approach to student data exchanges.

In addition to migrating form data from other solutions and managing processes like school year overrides, school districts can now work together to exchange fully digital student records. If a student transfers from another school district who uses Education Forms, your team will be able to receive a digital copy of their information. This saves time, reduces administrative burden, and makes crucial analytical data for funding instantaneously available!

Control third-party access with temporary accounts.

Keeping all your data digital and centralized is important. That’s why we support granting third parties like councillors or educational assistants quick access to contribute notes, advice, or feedback on a limited, per-student basis. Once their account expires, their access is automatically revoked but can be easily reissued the next time their services are required.

Build a collaborative model for intervention and instruction.

Collaboration is the heart of everything we do! Within Education Forms, teachers and support staff can make confidential notes on students or enter collaborative notes that are perfect for reviewing at team meetings. Backed by precise privacy settings, information shared with peers can be limited as you gather feedback and design student-specific plans.

Ready for a closer look?

If something here caught your attention, our team would love to explore how this community-driven project can help your team master student planning and form management.