Parent Forms

Parent Forms

The fastest online student registration system. Ever.

Parent Forms provides a beautiful, mobile friendly way for parents to register their kids, provide important documentation, and sign off on key forms. Every step of the process is custom designed by you to offer parents the simplest way ever to register.

Your forms, your way.

Our content management strategy for form design means anything is possible when it comes to the look and feel of forms as well as the kinds of information we’re able to collect including file attachments. Each form is hand crafted based on your school districts unique demographic needs. Each step can contain any range of form elements, custom graphics, and scripting for things like conditional formatting, input masking for specifically formatted addresses, or custom validation.

Parents want to register from their phone.

Parents want to register their kids from the palm of their hand. They may even want to do it while laying in their favourite recliner. With Parent Forms, they can do exactly that and it only takes about ten minutes. The mobile experience creates a clean, crisp, thumb friendly way to zip through all the data schools need to collect. Even file uploads such as birth certificates are a snap: parents just take a picture, pull it from their camera roll, and we prepare the document by converting it to a PDF and writing in essential meta data so it's ready for provincial or state education authorities.

SIS integration means portability of data.

It’s important that registration data makes its way into a school district’s primary source of truth: the student information system. Parent Forms comes with a browser extension that lets school staff copy and paste registration data directly into the SIS enrollment system to avoid any keying errors. Best of all, it works with any SIS system that has a web-based interface.

Multi-language support.

Parent Forms supports forms being delivered in any language based on a person’s language settings in their browser. That means a hassle free solution for parents who may be English as a second language learners.

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