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Identify and rescue vulnerable and high risk students.

Student Audit identifies and notifies administration when students present signs of suicide, violence, abuse and other dangerous online activity.

Screenshot - Student Audit

Audit traffic on all Chrome devices.

All website requests, including those from Chromebooks, are logged according to user identity... even while roaming outside your network firewall (optional). High risk traffic is filtered into categories:

  • Self harm
  • School violence
  • Child abuse
  • Pornography
  • Adult networks
  • Vulgarity
  • Malware
  • Drugs
Full Chromebook Auditing

Powerful, real-time searching.

Search consolidated log data by keyword, date, or risk type. Enable live mode and watch real-time results with all filtering options.

Filter down to individual user activity by simply clicking on their name.

Full Chromebook Auditing

Beautiful, interactive analytics that help visualize activity.

The analytics dashboard provides a quick week-at-a-glance perspective. Selecting a topic will send you straight into audit view filtered by that topic.

We also provide reporting for:

  • Highest risk users
  • Highest traffic users
  • Domain risk study
  • Malware risks
  • Browser plugin usage
  • Internal vs external traffic
  • Risk traffic vs total traffic
Analytics and Reporting

Investigations and notifications.

When high risk incidents cross thresholds defined by your school board an investigation is automatically launched and the appropriate parties are notified.

Investigator accounts make it easy to share limited access with principals, counsellors and other intervention staff who do not require full auditing ability.

Full Chromebook Auditing

A fast, easy, and secure deployment that takes about five minutes.

Our technology is deployed by the Google Store. You just select our technology for forced deployment to one or more Google groups and its instantly live for all group accounts.

All log data is securely stored in a country of your choosing including Canada, the United States, Britain, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Australia, or China. It's your data, our technology just helps analyse it for risk.

Analytics and Reporting


All pricing is calculated annually by total student enrollment.


Data Retention

Traffic that has been flagged for risk does not have a retention period. The data remains stored until the investigation has closed. At any time school boards can download a permanent copy of investigative data. Please contact us if you require a longer retention period.

Retention Price (CAD)
45 days - under 2,000 students $500.00
45 day - over 2,000 students $1,500.00
Plus Student Enrollment

Volume pricing covers the cost to load balance traffic to the API (including high burst periods).

Category Price (CAD)
Under 2,000 Students $0.75 per student
Under 10,000 Students $0.33 per student
Under 50,000 Students $0.30 per student
Under 100,000 Students $0.28 per student
Under 250,000 Students $0.26 per student

Start protecting student accounts in minutes.

Student Audit takes only a few minutes to set up. You will need access to the Google Admin to do a mass roll-out.

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