“I don’t quite understand,” you explain.

He simplifies it for you, “Cooling hose broken. Car overheating. Got it? Changing the hose will take about twenty minutes and I can top up your fluid – that will get you on your way.” He quotes you for the job. Twenty minutes pass, then thirty, then an hour, before he returns. “All done,” he says. Irritated by his poor estimation of time you think it wiser to pay and get out of here. When the bill arrives, you notice it is triple what he originally quoted. “Took three times as long,” he says while coyly smiling. You agree to pay the bill for no other reason than to expediently rid yourself of this place and never return. Unfortunately, as you attempt to pay by credit card the machine continually gives you connectivity errors. The mechanic shrugs. You try again and again but without success. Deciding to intervene, the mechanic slams the payment system on the counter and waves you to try again. It works. You get in your car and drive away. Fast.

Your registration may be your first engagement with a parent.

It’s important to ask yourself what kind of brand experience you want to give parents upon their first encounter with your schools. School boards often look towards the functional aspects of registration such as the data collection required and communicating the legal elements, but they rarely explore the brand impact of this process. Do you speak using education language or plain english that any parent can understand? Is your process streamlined and time efficient? Is your process smooth and bug free? Is it available on all mobile devices, the preferred device for most parents today? Do you make the parents feel special as part of the process? Registration doesn’t have to be either functional or beautiful: it can be both.

Lack of customizability.

Many school boards often find online student registration fractured experience because the existing vendors in the market offer very little customizability over the process. What each school board believes and how they do business often dramatically changes how they need to approach student registration. For example, school boards close to First Nation communities often like to request additional information about the band to which the child is a member. Catholic schools often like to request baptismal certificates for parents and students. Sports academies like to collect additional details about a student's previous athletic participation. Canadian school boards will often request parents sign a Freedom of Information and Privacy Policy. Some school boards want parents to sign an Acceptable Use form. These differences and lack of flexibility by existing software often leave school boards in a situation where a parent registers, then they must complete manual second or third steps rather than getting everything they need done in one simple process.

Online systems are cost prohibitive.

Enterprise solutions that allow for this kind of flexibility are often extremely expensive. As well, many student information systems make it difficult if not impossible to provide third party integrations. This leaves school boards trapped by the market and forced to pay a premium for half-baked solutions. *** All of these challenges are why we worked with almost a dozen school boards to design Parent Forms. It’s an online registration system that keeps the parent experience, customizability, and affordability foremost in mind.

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