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A safe place for students to engage: your website.

Social Websites transforms legacy content managed school websites into a private, dedicated social network where students, parents, and teachers can engage.

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Share with a target audience right from your school homepage.

Our fast and easy distribution system allows students, parents, and teachers to share content by friend network, extracurricular group, class, school, grade, even user role!

Using both directory and student information system integration we identify a persons role when they first sign in. This controls who a person can share content with and what content they should be receiving.

All content is protected and private unless a specially privileged user makes a piece of content an official post.

Powerful Sharing Options

Opt-in privacy.

By default, students and parents are hidden from other users in a distribution until they engage with the distribution such as sharing their own piece of content, commenting, or liking a share.

Students and parents also have the ability to disable their accounts.

All content posts are automatically scanned for high risk content. Accounts that violate the terms of use are automatically disabled and placed into a moderation queue that administrators can review.

Opt-in Privacy

Your data, your control.

Unlike existing social networks, your school board maintains complete control over the data. Should you need to audit messages or content for investigative purposes it rests securely at your fingertips.

Just like Student Audit, all messages are automatically filtered for high risk activity.

Traditional Content Management Features

And, all the traditional features you've come to expect.

On top of being a powerful social engagement tool, Social Websites still provides traditional features such as:

  • Bus route management
  • Career postings
  • Events and calendars
  • Extracurricular team management
  • Staff directory
  • Custom pages and design
Traditional Content Management Features

Join the revolution.

Social Websites is in development, scheduled to launch in June 2019. Interested school boards are invited to participate in our open BETA which will run from April until June. Open BETA will give school boards an opportunity to influence the final features prior to launch.

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