Fast, and friendly.

Guestbook makes it simple for visitors to sign in and sign out of schools and central office.

Privacy compliance is essential. That’s why we’ve designed Guestbook different than most visitor management systems — one visitor is not able to see another visitors personal data during sign out.

A visitor management system may be your first impression on guests. Guestbook allows you to choose from a number of themes and custom brand each location with either your school board logo or school logo.

of Guestbook

Safety for schools, security for school boards.

School administrative staff are able to quickly identify any visitors in their school through our web-based portal. In the event of an emergency, authenticated staff can pull up a list of guests still in the building from the convenience of a smart phone.

At any time, specially privileged central office staff are able to jump into any school guest book to see who is in the school.

Guestbook data
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Minutes to deploy.

Guestbook is entirely web-based and can run on any device. This allows you to repurpose those old iPad’s or ChromeOS devices without incurring new hardware expenses.

Devices are paired the first time they’re set up and can be done by any staff member.

Want to see Guestbook in action?