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Azure and Google Directory integration create a one-click, secure method of signing in so staff can receive a customized experience. And, extended browser session tracking means that staff only have to sign in once every four weeks to take advantage of this service.

Studnet Plan

They’re your forms.

Every form in our system is customizable through a simple drag and drop interface! Would you like to collect additional details on a student demographic page? No problem — in ten seconds you can drop in new checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, tags, a file upload box so you have a place to organize those pesky PDF’s!

This turns every staff member into a digital information artist who can design the perfect organizational structure for storing all critical information.

Design Form

Personalization from head, to shoulders, knees, and toes.

Form customization can be done by four authorities: a province or state, a school board, schools, or staff customizations. Provincial or state forms allow us to roll out parts of a form that are consistent even between school boards. School board customizations allow each board to enforce a consistent framework for each school. School customizations allow for final tweaking where data might be different between schools — for example, an elementary school and a high school. And individual customizations can be made by each staff member so they have a very personal spot for all their data.

Ultimately, the school board decides when to adopt provincial or state standards, and they have control over whether or not to allow schools or individuals the ability to extend forms to collect data beyond what has already been defined.

School and staff customizations are only shown to the respective school or staff member that the customization affects. This means a sharp, focused experience where the data being requested is always on target.

Full revision history for any form you choose.

Education Forms stores a complete copy of all your data every time you hit save. This means you can go back in time to see any previous edit to a form. In a blink, you can see each person who contributed information to a form, when they made the update, and what the updates were. Chronological order makes it easy to track progress or restore a previous version of the form.

Each section of any given form also maintains its own data storage retention policy meaning clean-up is fully automated and perfectly compliant with any education or health authority requirements for storage.

Revision history

Build a collaborative model for intervention and instruction.

Education Forms allows you to take confidential notes on students, but it also allows you to enter collaborative or team notes that are perfect for reviewing at your next meeting. Privacy settings allow you limit the amount of information being shared to peers as you gather feedback about how to design a plan that works for a specific student.

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Education Forms | Future Feature

Data wasn’t meant to be hoarded.

School boards are notorious for collecting astronomically high amounts of data and then not having the right tools to build insights out of that data. Our analytics engine helps bring life to all the data being collected so that you can spot trends and make solid pedagogical choices moving forward.

Custom reporting gives you the ability to choose any combination and number of segments to get the precise information you need. For example, you may want to find the total number of students who have an individual program plan, a medical support plan, who scored over 60 on a specific section of a specialized assessment, who happens to ride the bus and… has a favourite colour of green. Analytical possibilities are limited only by where your imagination ends.

Working together to exchange student record data for the first time.

School boards can now work together to exchange fully digital student records. From the moment a student transfers into your school board you’ll receive a digital copy of their information which means crucial analytical data for things like funding will be instantaneously available.

This feature requires both school boards to be using Education Forms.

Temporary accounts for controlled, third-party access.

Keeping all your data digital and centralized is important. That’s why we support granting third-party outsiders temporary access to a student file so they can contribute their own notes, advice, and feedback on a limited basis. Once their account expires their access is revoked until such a time that their services are required.

Temporary Access

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