Identity-based content delivery.

Page content, news, and events, all adapt inside Content Manager to deliver the most relevant information to target audiences based on their identity. This means staff see their favourite services and links as well as news curated specifically for their interests while students, parents, and community will see information designed for them.

Hitting visitors with a firehose of information reduces the chances your critical messages will reach home. When Content Manager takes into account the visitor’s identity to show banners, navigation links, news, events, most relevant to them, it creates a simpler experience that doesn’t result in information overload.

Content Visibility

One click secured visitor access.

Azure and Google Directory integration create a one-click, secure method of signing in so staff can receive a customized experience. And, extended browser session tracking means that staff only have to sign in once every four weeks to take advantage of this service.

State of the art is now back in the hands of creatives.

Our powerful page rendering engine reverse engineers beautiful, complex, mobile-friendly content design back into simple web forms that a staff member of any technical aptitude can edit. Pick your image, write your copy, and hit publish — shazam, beautiful page!

Every page template in our system has been carefully designed with your needs in mind. Our team stands behind your team making sure every single update is fast and simple through the web forms and that every piece of information has a home on your school sites.

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We were taught to share in school.

News, events, even entire pages can be shared across multiple sites. Regardless of the content type your story will be told through the branded eyes of the visitors current site. Shared content is indistinguishable from content that was heavily customized to fit an individual school’s needs.

Front-end apps that make difficult things easy.

Finding the right school for your child can be difficult. Knowing which schools offer programs of interest, and ensuring that a parent lives within the eligible boundaries for schools can be tricky. That’s why we have apps like the School Eligibility finder to make things easy. A parent or student can quickly search by any number of tags to find just the right school.

Bus route management.

It’s never been easier to communicate critical updates to students, parents, and the rest of the community. Content Manager allows you to assign each route a status as well as a recovery period where the status will automatically expire. Each school website will show the routes that impact them as well as details such as whether the route is delayed or cancelled, and what the reasons were behind the issue.

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