2022-11-23 00:53:50.26796 +0000 UTC

Community Webinar: November 24th

Join us and your colleagues at Waterloo Catholic District School Board on November 24th at 12pm EST

Waterloo Catholic DSB's system leaders of Safe Schools, Student Mental Health, and Technology will be taking this time to share details of the approach they've taken to identify and support students who are at risk of sex trafficking, self-harm, school violence and other forms of online risk while using school board-provided technology.  We will be sharing information on both internal policies and innovative technology solutions to help you and your team take action. 

To learn more or get connected, send us a message or use this link

Using Student Aware the team at WCDSB has been able to leverage technology to make significant improvements to the way they approach online student safety. 

“We have been able to build a great amount of efficacy in our student safety programs and policies. Using the data provided through Student Aware, we've been equipped to effect real change in the lives and wellbeing of at risk students here at WCDSB”

Judy Merkel, Superintendent of Education - Safe Schools / Mental Health

Can't make it or read this too late?

No worries. Our team and the team at Waterloo Catholic are available for further discussion -- just reach out at any time to set something up!