2022-10-04 21:26:26.325 +0000 UTC

Content Manager Case Study: From MHPSD With Love

As a development team, we don’t believe in clandestine ops. Instead, we strive to be as open and transparent as possible in all aspects of what we do. However, we’ve decided to make an exception for Lee Krasilowez and her team at Medicine Hat Public School Divison!  

Operating in the shadows of their web presence, ready at a moment's notice, we’re happy to have become MHPSDs team of secret design and development weapons.

Our team of support specialists is here to subvert the expectations that successful and evolving websites are overly complicated and cost prohibitive. In this unredacted special report, let’s explore how we’ve partnered with Medicine Hat Public School Division and used our arsenal of tools and talents to deliver a truly cost-effective and collaborative web presence.

 “When we chose Imagine Everything for our new web presence we knew we were getting a solid editing platform and were looking forward to some great designs. One thing we didn’t know was just how awesome their people would be. I love them! The capability of the Imagine Everything team was drastically undersold. They have become my very own secret weapons.” 
- Lee Krasilowez, Communications Coordinator, MHPSD

License to Create

The use of Content Manager allowed the Medicine Hat Public team to do away with websites that were limited by premade templates and rigid editors. Working with Lee and her team, it was exciting to apply the flexibility of Content Manager to allow them to create the web presence that they had always imagined. 

In our early design meetings, Lee knew that they wanted their websites to prominently feature engaging photos and videos of their students and life at MHPSD. Previous versions of their sites could not support most media formats and, even if they could, the process of adding or editing content was arduous. Using Content Manager's ability to reverse engineer even the most complex designs into custom-built, easy-to-use editing templates fully unlocked the visual potential of their new websites. 

“It's amazing to have design meetings that actually go somewhere! The ideas we had to make our sites and pages more visual and engaging were met with enthusiasm and then expertly refined and delivered. They were also fully backed by ways of editing or maintaining that content that has been easy enough for my entire team to take advantage of.”
- Lee Krasilowez, Communications Coordinator, MHPSD

At launch, Medicine Hat Public Schools and their 18 websites clearly represented their staff, students and facilities.

With the newfound freedom, functionality and flexibility that Content Manager provides, Lee and her team can now put more time and resources into capturing high-quality photos, videos and online content.

With a significant reduction in both the yearly cost and the effort required to maintain their websites, we’re excited to see that the MHPSD communications team could improve their social media presence and have that carry-over on their new sites. Check things out for yourself over at www.mhpsd.ca and be sure to follow along as their web presence continues to evolve.  

The Launch is Not Enough

Lee and her team at the Division office weren’t the only ones who didn’t enjoy their old web presence. Consistent feedback from parents and the community pointed out that their sites were difficult to navigate and did not provide clear paths to the information they needed. 

The redesign and development process allowed MHPSD to address many of these concerns with new and improved navigation and design, however, keeping up with visitor needs and demands is an ongoing process.

To help, we worked with the MHPSD team to feature a website feedback button and contact form designed to give visitors a voice. The feedback and insights being gathered are being used to continually make improvements to their sites and to refine content.

 “We used to dread the conversations and process when it came to changing our sites. The pushback, extra cost and long wait times from our previous vendor were difficult to manage. With Imagine Everything, I can’t express how refreshing it is to work with a team that greets change and challenges quickly and head-on. I feel like we are being listened to and supported every step of the way.”
- Lee Krasilowez, Communications Coordinator, MHPSD

Beyond front-end improvements, the same opportunities are available for MHPSDs technology and administrative teams at the software level. As active members of the Content Manager community, Lee and her team have been instrumental in helping us deliver and improve features such as our document manager and drag-and-drop navigation editor. 

The best part is that all ongoing design work and feature development are offered free of charge! This is a substantial paradigm shift. Before switching to Content Manager, Lee and her team were being billed thousands of dollars a year, in addition to their annual fees, just to make simple changes or additions to their sites. This not only becomes cost-prohibitive, it dramatically stifles creativity and the ability to take the essential steps of adapting a web presence post-launch. 

No Time to Wait

(We promise this is the last Bond reference we’ll be making. And, if you didn’t catch these references, congratulations! You aren’t as big of a nerd as we are). 

We’re happy to report that our team of international super staff has successfully blended into the team at MHPSD, offering full design and development support with no strings attached.

If you and or your tech and communications team have been looking for your own secret design and development weapon, we’d be happy to chat (on or off the record). 

From cost savings to enterprise-grade hosting and support we look forward to helping you discover the many ways our team is here to help and the endless possibilities of a platform built to grow with your needs. We’re not salesy or high-pressure, so you do have time to wait – but, we don’t know why you’d want to.

Check out our website, or reach out at any time to learn more!

“We’ve worked with a lot of vendors over the years, but I’ve never been so impressed with a team that I’ve asked them for hiring advice! True story. Having these guys in our back pocket has been a game-changer. They make me look and feel like a website ninja-spy. I can’t recommend them enough” 
Lee Krasilowez, Communications Coordinator, MHPSD