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Content Manager Case Study: Staying Limber With Prairie Rose Public Schools

Flexibility is Key

The team at Prairie Rose Public Schools is guided by the motto of “Everyone Learning Together.”  As it turns out, these words also serve as one of the defining aspects of flexibility and collaboration in the world of software development and web design. To deliver outstanding solutions, one of our primary responsibilities at Imagine Everything is to be eminently coachable – listening carefully and learning how to apply our expertise precisely where it’s needed most. 

Over the years we’ve had the privilege of working with the team at Prairie Rose on a variety of projects from visitor management to online student planning. Most recently, our work together has seen the implementation of Content Manager and the redevelopment of their school division's web presence. 

To provide some insight into this project, we sat down with Prairie Rose’s Director of Communications, Angela Baron. With a Master's Degree in communication and technology, an active participant in her professional community and a member of the Imagine Everything Board of Directors, we always look forward to Angela’s perspective. Coming to us from a stiff and cost-preventative solution, it was great to hear the many ways Prairie Rose is enjoying a new sense of freedom and potential. 

Take a few minutes, roll out your yoga mat, and discover how our creative, community-driven approach has helped Angela and her team at Prairie Rose cut costs and achieve an unparalleled level of flexibility with their new web presence. 

“When looking for a new website solution, cost and flexibility were our main priorities. Our previous solution was good at first, but over time proved to be rigid and expensive. We needed a team and platform that could keep up with our needs while being cost-effective. Imagine Everything had a proven track record and we’ve been nothing but impressed. They are a vendor that listens, learns and adapts quickly.”

- Angela Baron, Director of Communications, Prairie Rose Public Schools

A Big Stretch

Prairie Rose Public Schools (PRPS) is headquartered in Dunmore,  just outside of Medicine Hat, AB. Encompassing a large geographical area (approximately 29,112 sq km) PRPS serves rural communities throughout Southeastern Alberta.

Despite their physical size, PRPS is only home to about 3,300 students who are spread throughout 18 public schools across the region. With enrollments fluctuating, from 18 students at their smallest school to 475 at their largest, Prairie Rose has been challenged when sourcing software and website solutions sold under a one-size fits all model. 

“Most website providers we’ve encountered price their solutions on a per-site basis,” says Angela Baron. “For a district like ours, this quickly becomes cost-prohibitive.” Understanding these challenges and in an effort to be as affordable as possible, all Imagine Everything projects are priced based on student population. Uncoupling our pricing from the physical size of a district, or the number of sites required ensures that a project can scale to the actual needs of a school district team. 

“When it comes to value, Imagine Everything is pretty hard to beat! Their unique approach to pricing has allowed us to deliver an excellent, division-wide web presence for less than half the cost of our previous solution. Even post-launch, they remain available and willing to grow with us at no additional charge. It has been wonderful to cut costs while gaining awesome new features and the full support of their expert team.”

- Angela Baron, Director of Communications, Prairie Rose Public Schools

We don’t believe that school districts should have to stretch and strain their budgets or sacrifice quality to implement great solutions. It’s been extremely rewarding to not only offer the team at Prairie Rose some relief in these areas but to help them take their solutions beyond what was previously possible. 

Reaching Further

For a rural school division, Prairie Rose has an impressive offering of specialized programs and initiatives that rival those of much larger or urban centers. With academies and courses for aspiring young pilots, hockey and baseball players, those interested in agriculture, and much more – the team at PRPS has a lot to offer! 

Showcasing the many compelling aspects of Prairie Rose is an integral part of Angela’s work and often relies on websites and social media. So, in addition to many school sites, the PRPS team also required academy and program sites which would have added even further financial strain with a legacy vendor. 

In stark contrast, our all-inclusive, student-based pricing model allowed us to help Angela and her team build additional sites at no extra charge.

However, beyond just the simple creation of new sites, our design team works with the team at PRPS to deliver a unique visitor experience. A prime example of this would be the South Alberta Hockey Academy website which provides a polished, professional sports-inspired outlet for SAHA to attract and promote players from across Canada.

Reaching even further than additional academy sites, the potential and possibility for the PRPS team at the software level are endless. Through bi-weekly community meetings, ongoing support and an open line of communication with our development team, all members of our community are active participants in the design and delivery of new features and functionality within the Content Manager platform. Specific to the input of the PRPS team, our entire community of users now benefits from their idea to pull and process news items directly from Facebook.

“From additional sites, redesigns and tweaks on current sites, and even the delivery of entirely new features within the editing platform, the Imagine Everything team has our backs. New ideas are met with enthusiasm and we’re in a place where our websites can grow and change with our needs in a sustainable way. True to their name, the opportunities are endless when it comes to customization and design. If you can 'imagine' it, chances are they can make it happen.”  

- Angela Baron, Director of Communications, Prairie Rose Public Schools


With many more academy sites and new content management features currently being built – stay tuned to see the many ways we will be helping Angela and her team separate and define themselves as leaders in rural education. 

Stay Limber

Are you finding yourself stuck in unfortunate positions with a rigid, inflexible or overly expensive website provider? If so, it’s time to limber up! Join Angela, the team at Prairie Rose and a growing community of Canadian school districts in the pursuit of the balance and flexibility only an agile team can provide.

Reach out anytime! We’d love to chat and connect you with the tools and team to help you meet your school district website goals. 

“No other vendor approaches school districts and projects like the team at Imagine Everything. They operate with complete transparency and a true willingness to work together. The difference is apparent and I can’t emphasize enough how great it is to feel supported and even encouraged to do more with our web presence. The community they are building is something I am proud to be a part of and we're always excited to see the progress that comes from their openness to new ideas and collaboration.”

- Angela Baron, Director of Communications, Prairie Rose Public Schools