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Community Driven Form Management

It's Time for a Change

Does Education really need another system for managing forms?

School districts say yes.

The current crop of educational form solutions just aren't cutting it. Continually rising software costs have been a growing challenge for years, and the lack of competition has severely limited innovation.

As an industry first, 30 educators came together in early 2021 to lead a software initiative to transform how we collect, process and evaluate student learning information. With the direct guidance of this outstanding team, we're happy to report that student plans, goals, assessments, medical plans, and more have finally met their match!

Currently serving over 8,000 teachers with unprecedented capability, opportunity for progression and unmatched pricing, the Education Forms platform is something we can't wait to share with you. 

"Due to rising costs and many ongoing issues with our previous form management solution, I was told we needed to make a change."

Camille Quinton, Director of Inclusive Learning, Prairie Rose Public Schools

Stifled by Cost and Lack of Customization

Before their involvement in the Education Forms project, the primary challenges facing educators consistently landed in the categories of exorbitant cost and lack of customization. 

It should be expected that aspects of Individual Student Plans, ESL Benchmarks, Behavioural Goals and more would need to be customized to meet the specific needs of school districts. However, this is often technically or financially out of reach with the capability of legacy providers.

Corey Sadlemyer, Director of Inclusive Learning at Medicine Hat Public Schools, noted, "With our previous provider, we were budgeting over $10,000 a year in addition to our annual cost, just to get the software to do what we wanted it to do. Even with the extra cost, our vision for our IPPs and other forms was never achieved."

Regardless of the school district and the provider, the feedback we received followed a remarkably similar trend. Needs were not being met, and the effort required to make current off-the-shelf solutions "good enough" was both cost-prohibitive and unproductive. 

"We had an annual cost for our form solution that was quite high to begin with, with every change we wanted to make charged by the hour. It got to be a lot! Customizations and bug fixes also took a very long time and in some cases were never dealt with at all."

Patti Jones, Director of Inclusive Learning, Grasslands Public Schools

A Breath of Fresh Air

The ideas that drive innovation don't come from sales teams in boardrooms, but from teachers in classrooms.

By putting educators in the driver's seat, the opportunity to build a flexible and affordable solution was finally realized. Camille Quinton, Director of Inclusive Learning at Prairie Rose Public Schools, said, "Finding a solution where I could work with a collaborative group of people to build exactly what we needed was incredible. And, to finally have the ability to customize forms on our own really sealed the deal."

A growing community of educators is embracing our approach and meeting with our development team each week to tackle complex challenges head-on. "Imagine Everything can't take credit for the incredible things being accomplished with the Education Forms project. We are being coached and guided every step of the way by a world-class community of educators. Our team simply brings their vision to life by applying the latest and most efficient technologies," notes CEO Brad Leitch.

Designed to give school districts complete control of the form editing and creation process, Education Forms features intuitive drag-and-drop editors, customizable workflows and the latest design standards to deliver a tailormade experience. Offered at cost, with free ongoing support, Education Forms is set to revolutionize your district's form management processes while saving you thousands of dollars a year.

From what we've been told, this approach has been a much-needed breath of fresh mountain air. Patti Jones puts it this way, "making software work the way teachers need it to work makes it something they’re not just willing to use, but they’re excited to use. That’s huge!" 

"Our team had to work really hard to build the integrations to support the company that was supposed to be supporting us. Any time we needed customizations, our costs went up. Since making the switch, we've been extremely impressed with how quickly Imagine Everything manages our priorities and handles our culture. It's much more seamless!"

Kevin Deforge, Director of Learning, Calgary Catholic School District

Imagine the Possibilities

We encourage you to imagine what would be possible with software solutions built and perfected for educators, by educators.

For too long, legacy providers have been using essential concepts like collaboration and partnership as buzzwords. It's time for the expertise of the education community to come together, backed by a technology provider that becomes part of your team, to deliver the next generation of essential online tools.

If you'd like to take a closer look at Education Forms or any of our other projects, we'd love to hear from you!

"It's been rewarding working with a company that says, 'We can do that,' and actually pull it off instead of over-promising and under-delivering. The team at Imagine Everything has our full confidence."

Camille Quinton, Director of Inclusive Learning, Prairie Rose Public Schools