Imagine Everything

Invest in Imagine Everything

Why should school boards invest?

Our company is driven by school boards. We built Imagine Everything on the visionary backbone of some of the most talented people working in public education. School boards should consider investing in Imagine Everything for two reasons:

You believe in our products.

You've experienced the power of our technology first-hand and you believe in what school boards working together with our team can achieve.

Lowering education technology costs.

Turn the significant expense of education technology into a source of perpetual equity. As a stakeholder in the company, every school board who joins our community will help you build up equity.

Why should private equity invest?

We work with some of the largest, stable, government organizations in the world providing essential products at a disruptive price. Investing in Imagine Everything is extremely low risk given our completely integrated, cooperative approach with school boards.


As long as there are children there will be public education! And, public education needs great technology solutions at an affordable price.

Education Governance

Having school boards directly invested as peers ensures our team stays focused on delivering maximum value to customers.

Growth Channels

School boards are non-competitive and they share information. Great solutions propagate quickly, and we don't settle for "good."

Leadership Team

Our leadership team has a history of building financially successful start-up companies with lucrative year-over-year growth.