The Dauntless Developer

In search of awesome.

Imagine coming in to work every day knowing that the software you’re writing helps identify and rescue vulnerable kids. Imagine an environment where you’re witnessing the daily impact of your creation because you battle on the front-line, side-by-side, with leaders in education who share your desire to defend and protect children. We’re looking for a veteran software developer who shares our altruism. It’s not an easy job. The right individual will have no issues designing systems or writing code that scales for thousands of concurrent enterprise users. Extraordinary written and verbal communication skills are essential to working with your team and stakeholders. An ideal team member at Imagine Everything is patient, but bold; humble, but confident. They strive for excellence in every task and demand the same from their peers whether coaching junior developers or swaying the CTO to your way of thinking. Writing code isn’t just a job, it’s an artform, an expression that demonstrates an ability to reach near perfect efficiency.


Must have at least 5 years of development experience working on SAAS solutions You write efficient, performant, stable production code and demand the same from your peers when you review their code You’re comfortable with full stack development whether it’s tweaking scaling settings in our cloud services dashboard, designing the microservice architecture, or putting together user interface solutions that feel natural for end-users You love documenting software code -- ok, that was just a joking -- you “can” document software and you’re clear, concise, and consistent in your writing so other developers have an easy time understanding what you’ve written You enjoy occasional technical support because it gives you a direct opportunity to learn from education professionals -- you understand that aren’t an obstacle to be overcome but a sharpening stone that helps turn good solutions into great solutions You are fearless in trying new technologies and development languages


Proven experience designing high scalability software systems An understanding of microservice and multi-tenancy SaaS design Excellent knowledge of both relational and noSQL databases and ORM’s Extensive knowledge of Scrum/Agile software development methodology Mastery over software engineering tools Ability to travel for professional development, conferences, hackathons, and on-site meetings You look forward to Star Wars X even if Luke was a force projection


Competitive salary Remote work keeps you closer to your family Flexible health spending account covers 100% of dental, doctor, and drugs 3 weeks of vacation time + flex time (on call) during Christmas break week Virtual reality social activities