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Beautiful school websites backed by unlimited support.

Content Management provides a fast, simple way for school boards to manage their websites. We don't expect you to do it alone; our team provides critical design support for all your website promotional initiatives. True story.

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School website systems are a commodity, support is not.

Almost all school content management systems allow easy updates to website news, events, page content and bus routes. However, it’s not realistic to expect teachers, principals, and other administrative staff to take on the role of marketers or designers.

We’ve created a hybrid offering that delivers "do it yourself" convenience backed by a professional creative services team who can ensure every school web promotion looks great and communicates effectively with students and parents.

Our Creative Team

All the features you need in a school content manager.

Content Management provides a simple web-based interface that allows staff to manage:

  • News
  • Events and calendars
  • Career postings
  • Bus route management
  • Extracurricular team management
  • Staff directory
  • Custom designed pages
Content Management Features


We've designed a cost efffective pricing model that allows your staff to take full advantage of the technology while also empowering them to engage with our creative team one-to-one.


Data Retention

All user-generated data is retained for a one-year period. Static content is retained indefinitely until it is user deleted.

Retention Price (CAD)
1-year retention period $1,500.00
Plus Site Pricing

The following price includes uniform template design, page content migration, and unlimited support.

Category Price (CAD)
Under 25 Sites $525.00 per site
Under 100 Sites $475.00 per site
Over 100 Sites $425.00 per site

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