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Product Owner


Product Owner

Imagine coming in to work every day knowing that the product you’re designing helps identify and rescue vulnerable kids. Imagine an environment where you’re witnessing the daily impact of your creation because you battle on the front-line, side-by-side, with leaders in education who share your desire to defend and protect children.

Our Product Owner is responsible for gaining an intense understanding of the business and usability requirements for our products so that we’re not only able to deliver the things they need, but the things they didn’t know they needed. This requires mastery over listening, asking insightful questions, and meticulously organizing feedback from all project stakeholders including teachers, principals, central office staff, our engineering team, and our community development team.


  • Represent our customers to the development team
  • Managing and making visible the product backlog
  • Prioritizing requirements for future product development
  • Ability to translate requirements into user stories that are "ready" for development
  • Ensure stories have correct acceptance criteria
  • Advocates on behalf of the customer for the development team
  • Prioritizes defect / bug resolution
  • Tracks progress towards the release of a product
  • Identifying key feature requirements for our product lines
  • Building out the technical requirements for software projects
  • Managing the development of new and existing products
  • Rolling out products for new and existing school districts
  • Managing timelines, timetables, feature prioritization, risk
  • Coordinating with our community development team on sales and marketing strategies
  • Testing new features to ensure quality and alignment with business and usability requirements
  • Evaluating competitive solutions and writing summaries for the CEO, CTO, and members of the Imagine Everything board of directors
  • Measure product and project success using quantifiable metrics
  • Writing clear, concise, and consistent documentation
  • Presenting and writing about new features to our school district community and stakeholders through our community engagement software, through webinars, and in-person
  • Assisting with escalated product support and product training (both internal and external)


  • Available to the development team at all times to answer questions
  • Exceptional organizational skills and extraordinary attention to the details average people miss
  • Strong arbitration and negotiation skills
  • Strong presentation skills and a desire to make real connections with people
  • Professional training in product ownership or project management are strong assets
  • Strong understanding of the product development lifecycle
  • Familiarity with the software development lifecycle and Agile project management
  • Although our team works remotely and most meetings and training are handled online, there are times where this role may require on-site travel for extended periods
  • Previous experience with K-12 education is an asset
  • We’re certainly not going to complain if you’re a Star Wars fan


  • Competitive salary
  • Remote work keeps you closer to your family
  • Flexible health spending account covers 100% of dental, doctor, and drugs
  • 3 weeks of vacation time + flex time (on call) during Christmas break week

Bonus Points

  • You have experience helping to grow young companies
  • You look forward to Star Wars X even if Luke was a force projection
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