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Don't you wish you had a designer?

September 17, 2019; We're pleased to announce the launch of Content Management, a simple, cost-effective way to manage your school websites that comes packed with unlimited professional design support. We'll work with you to custom design your school websites, migrate all content, and coordinate promotional material for your big refresh -- and, we’re committed to ensuring your success every day by offering schools free design services for their website needs!

Content Management lets school staff coordinate news, events, sports teams, clubs, bus routes, job postings, as well as manage static page content in a fast, easy, intuitive way. Schools that want to transform their websites into a powerful, private social network can seamlessly upgrade to our Social Website product at any time, instantly.

As part of our official launch we’ve got perks! School boards that sign up before December 13, 2019 will receive free extended service based on their commitment period:

  • Sign up for 12-months of service and receive 3-months on us (15 months total)
  • Sign up for 3-years of service and receive 6-months on us (3.5 years total)
  • Sign up for 5-years of service and receive 1-year on us (6 years total)

Interested in pricing details? As our community of school boards has come to expect, pricing is simple, perfectly transparent, and available right from our product page:

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