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August 14, 2019

Introducing CLASI for PASI
The “Cooperatively Linked Approach to Student Information”

CLASI provides school boards with a cost-effective, enterprise-grade solution for sharing digital student record files with PASI as well as storing a local copy within SharePoint, LaserFiche, Docushare, or on a network storage device. Here are a few reasons to participate in this community-driven project:

  • CLASI queues document uploads on-premise. This significantly improves reliability in the event the PASI system is running slowly, is offline, or breaking changes are pushed out by Alberta Education. Documents will safely remain in queue with regular attempts to upload being made 24/7 until successful.
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure and support. Our use of Docker makes installing CLASI fast and easy and virtually eliminates downtime from upgrades to a cluster roll-out. Version control and on-going support from our team ensures you’re always up-to-date with the latest production PASI release. User account creation and security is entirely handled through Active Directory or Azure Directory integration.
  • Document identification. Using a combination of QR codes along with Tesseract by Google, we’re making document identification as automated as possible. As documents are uploaded we’ll scan for a standardized set of version-controlled QR codes (this is important) representing document type; if no QR code is found, we’ll use zonal optical character recognition to attempt to automatically identify the document; if still unsuccessful, we’ll ask the contributor for feedback and then properly label the document for future reference.
  • Document quality assurance. Secure workflows manage the PASI document quality assurance requirements. Student privacy is also extremely important. That’s why only appropriately privileged staff, based on document type, receive an email notification to preview the document with the option to approve or deny it.
  • Great end-user experience. CLASI has its own simple, web-based user interface for sharing digital student record files. Teachers and administrative staff can securely upload scanned documents, manage quality assurance, and access secure digital student records from your favourite document management system. We even provide fast, easy transition to common education tools such as Office 365, G+ Suite, and PowerSchool.
  • An interactive, well-documented API for tech teams. CLASI uses a standard REST API documented using interactive Swagger. This provides tech teams with a fast, consistent method of interfacing with PASI as required for their own unique customizations.

CLASI is affordable and transparent.

The CLASI project has been funded by two Alberta school boards and our community of participating school boards continues to grow every week. Ideally, we want to spread the cost of the project between a large number of school boards making the individual costs negligible. We’re currently estimating a final cost per school board to be:

  • A one-time fee of $3K-5K for setup, installation, and customization
  • Annuity of $1.5K to help cover ongoing maintenance costs and new feature development
Powerful Sharing Options

As a cooperative project we’re maintaining absolute transparency. That means every participating school board will have direct Docker registry and source code access. If any fellow school board employed developers (a.k.a. “fellow code geeks”) out there would like to create their own software code forks, you’re not only welcome to do it, but we’ll provide developer support.

Join our show and tell August 27

We know it’s a super-insanely busy time of year, but if you can spare 30 minutes on August 27 @ 3:30pm MST we’re hosting a community webinar to show off the latest build of the software as well as the interactive REST API. Drop us a line via email and we’ll make sure you get an invite to our Zoom meeting -- go ahead, fill out our contact form below while humming your favourite game show theme song and let us know you're interested!


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