Imagine Everything

May 9, 2019

Busy People

Brad Leitch, CEO of Imagine Everything: "I’ve had the privilege of having an Alberta Education Technology Leader as a mentor over the last 20 years -- I wouldn’t have taken an interest in software development without their guidance. Having such a mentor, I know how busy education technology folks are with the never-ending onslaught of projects and an expectation for fast turn-around often with little guidance (the PASI integration project in Alberta comes to mind).

That’s why we appreciate all the school boards that have taken time from their busy project schedule to adopt Student Audit. Technology teams ultimately save time auditing student devices, and most importantly, it helps identify vulnerable students."


Imagine Everything is a new education technology start-up guided by the vision and energy of school boards and fueled by the innovation and efficiency of private industry software engineers. We’re a company without clients, a community of creators who believe in a hybrid private + public partnership. Together, we are building affordable school technology that creates a safer online space for students, parents and teachers.

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